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2013-09-14 08:38 pm
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Short Introduction and Posting Manifesto For The Evening

Greetings, people of Dreamwidth! I am Rushing Radiance, and I'm currently just improvising!

I am a man of a few classifications: college student, writer, dreamer, nerd, dork, book addict, gamer, film buff, music lover, a young adult that still has much to learn about the complexities of human nature and the world, and an admittedly eccentric gentleman that appreciates the finer points of mythology.

Among other descriptions.


The point is I'm here to talk about a variety of subjects alongside chronicling my writing progression, and I hope to have a good time doing it. I hope people come to find my entries pleasant.

Moving on, given the hour of the night where I dwell, I'm not sure how much will be posted before I depart for bed in my time zone.

However, I do know that one thing will be posted tonight without a doubt is a book review of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel "Moving Pictures", and I'm fairly certain somebody will agree with my sentiment towards the book.

And if I displease anybody, please have mercy. I'm new at this blogging thing. ;_;